Saturday, May 12, 2018

More Paul Ryan Stupid Immigration Tricks

Not surprising to find Paul Ryan pursuing his open-borders/Chamber of Commerce goals, again.

...Ryan’s two-part agenda specifically excludes two of the four-part, pro-American immigration reforms pushed by Trump — ending chain-migration and ending the visa lottery....

...Trump’s plan would tighten security rules at the border, build a wall, enforce the law in Democrats’ “sanctuary cities” and deter illegal hiring by GOP-aligned business. 

But Ryan’s record shows he supports border security which blocks illegals and also delivers an endless supply of legal wage-flattening immigrant labor to GOP-aligned companies...

Ryan is retiring because his brand of (R)--the Bush-Boyzz-Brand--is distinctly out of phase with the voters.  Oh yes, he would be re-elected if he ran, but his vote-count might have been very small.  (On the other hand, what would it take to defeat a guy with the baggage of Rusty-Iron Stache?)

Ryan is not malevolent like McCain.  He's just practicing the politics of the 1990's.  

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