Thursday, May 24, 2018

Confused (R) Woman Likes Witch Hunt

You only have to read the first 10 grafs or so to figure this out.

The woman is confused.  She states that Mueller is a Republican, so his witch-hunt is just fine and dandy and LEAVE HIM ALONE!!  She further states that the Russkis did--in fact--"interfere" with the election.

Good old-fashioned Country Club Republicans like Jennifer Horn think Mueller is a Good Cop because he's a member of their Country Club Establishment.  That's her first big mistake.  Here in the real world, we know that the Country Club bunch is no less corrupt than are the Hillary types.  (But they donate to different people.)

Secondly:  yes, indeed!!  The Russkis interfered--as best they could--with the election.  They've been doing that since 1925 or so, and have done damn good work, especially for Roosevelt, Clinton, and Obama.  They failed miserably on the Trump thing, of course.  Too bad.  They'll have to live with him rather than the candidate they purchased several times over.

Perhaps this woman can have another Chardonnay or three and shut up before she embarrasses the entire Cloud People coterie.

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