Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Is Jordan Peterson Truth-Challenged?

Whatever Dr. Peterson's credentials, it seems that he has problems with reality.

...Jordan Peterson's mind may not live in a world existing independently from him as a part of reality, but those of us who are sane do, and this is particularly true if we are elements of a vast computer simulation....

It's called "existential relativism," and it's like any other "relativism"; poison.  As it turns out, that is the problem with Peterson's 'ethics and morals,' too.

...we spent two hours debating what it means to say that a proposition is (or seems to be) “true.” This is a not trivial problem in philosophy. But the place at which Peterson and I got stuck was a strange one. He seemed to be claiming that any belief system compatible with our survival must be true, and any that gets us killed must be false....Sam Harris, quoted at Vox


Well, then, use caution when carrying on about Peterson.

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