Saturday, May 05, 2018

Deep State Includes GAO. Surprise!!

You recall the Big Kerfuffle over a secure telephone area in the office of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, right?  Pruitt installed that phone booth/SCIF because EPA employees are screaming statist lefties who have worked damned hard to demolish the US economy.

After Pruitt installed that SCIF, the GAO issued a brand-new interpretation of law which makes that SCIF an "office furnishing"--just like a desk, or couch.

That means that GAO is also filled with Trump H8rs who will twist and bend the "law" to screw over the President.

How new is this interpretation?  Let's look at "furnishings" that Obozo's Boyzzzz installed, shall we?

These expenses--including a SCIF, please note--were incurred by Obozo appointments, either Chu or Moniz.

Don't doubt the existence of the Deep State, and don't doubt that it includes nearly all Federal employees.  And they will screw with Trump any way they can.  


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