Wednesday, May 02, 2018

US Trade Delegation to PRC: No Chamber of Commerce!

Treehouse has a very significant observation.

...I think this is the first time every member of Team America (Ross, Mnuchin, Lighthizer, Kudlow, Navarro) has unified into one specific set of trade negotiations. That helps understand the scale of importance of the China trade relationship.

Second, there’s no traveling parallel contingent consisting of outside government members/advisers from of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. This is a significant change from the past 30 years of Wall Street policy manipulation by the CoC. Many people may not be aware but until President Trump the U.S. government didn’t actually write the trade agreements.

For all prior administrations the actual negotiations and agreements were willingly sub-contracted out to U.S. Chamber of Commerce delegations. This is how the multinationals took control of trade policy and eventually the U.S. economy. CoC President Tom Donohue must be apoplectic now that he is facing an administration actually writing the trade agreements....

Let's not confuse "Chamber of Commerce" with "Conservatives."  The Chamber and its principals--really, the Fortune 50--do not give a flying fig about the prosperity of the USA and its citizens.  They are Liberals (but not Progressives); they are only concerned with their share-value, no matter HOW that value is derived.  In contrast, Conservatives care about US citizens and citizens of the political subsets like States and municipalities, but most importantly, families.

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