Saturday, May 05, 2018

Yes It's a MORAL War

Z-Man gets to where Solzhenitsyn was.

...The truth is, the truly woke understand that the current crisis is not a dispute between tribes or a dispute about facts. It is a moral war where one side controls the moral paradigm and imposes their will on the rest of us, in the teeth of objective reality. The current fight is about control of public morality, not public institutions. Facts and reason only play a supporting role in this fight. Being right on the facts helps win respect, thus giving one moral capital. The point of the game being to define public morality....

There's a "pathway" to moral understandings:

...We naturally trust the people close to us first and then to the people who seem to share our interests and then the people who look and sound like us. It is what Steve Sailer calls the circles of trust. We will embrace the morality of our kin over the morality of strangers, even when those strangers rule over us....

Loosely speaking, these are the small organizations Russell Kirk admires.  You could say 'family, church, township' as a substitute for 'close to us,' 'share our interests,' (etc.)  It's not a precise parallel, but it's close.  You'll see another iteration in the following passage:

...Over the last several generations, the people who now rule over us have used every weapon in their arsenal to break up our circles of loyalty. The war on families, communities, schools, the sexes, are all part of an instinctive strategy to break the natural bonds of loyalty that form public morality. It’s why having the facts on our side has never meant a damn in political debates. A deracinated public, untethered from its traditions and alienated from its neighbors, inevitably accepts the morality of the ruling elites....

Z-Man missed one VERY important element here:  that this War is also fought against Churches.  It is principally fought against the Roman Catholic Church--but that Church is often a proxy for any other orthodox religion which condemns abortion, homosex "marriage," and sex-without-children, marital or not-marital.

The Left's moral pretentiousness is without limit, just like its (consequent) hypocrisy.  That's why they can be called out on such bullshit as "White Privilege"--because when they are, they run away.

So.  Fight the Moral War!!   

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