Saturday, May 12, 2018

Another 'Despise Disney' Moment

What Disney has become is abominable.

...In a press conference with Sara Blackwell from Protect U.S. Workers — the attorney who represented the fired American workers — announced that after multiple legal fights, the workers would be giving up.

“We lost because what Disney did is legal. It is acceptable in this nation,” Blackwell said of the H-1B visa program which was used by the Disney Corporation to lay off Americans and replace them with young, male Indian nationals.

In total, as Breitbart News chronicled, 250 Disney workers were laid off by Disney and replaced with H-1B foreign guest workers. Those Americans were also forced to train their foreign replacements....

Going to Florida?  Visit Cape Canaveral or the Everglades.  Going to California?  Check out the Universal Studios, or the mission churches--still standing after 400+ years.

And since Last Man Standing will be on Fox know what to do.

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