Saturday, May 12, 2018

Another Swamp: The "Foreign Aid" Racket

When PDT emerges from the sharp-sworded swamp of the FBI/CIA/NSA/IRS/EPA Resistance, he could do a great deal of good for mankind by taking on the "Foreign Aid" racketeers.

That bunch includes the UN, of course, which employs a bureaucracy with all the compensation and benefits of a royal family AND less work output than un-bribed Italian baggage-handlers.  But even more a challenge than the UN will be the Department of State and Johnson & Johnson--both firmly and unalterably committed to the "Aid" of birth control, abortions, or sterility for Africa, South and Central America, and SE Asia.

Sterility and Abortion (S&A) is the "aid" pushed by the Bush family, the Clintons, Obozo, and Ike.  Yes, it goes back a long way, and is non-partisan.  And if it is non-partisan, you KNOW it's a Swamp Thing.

Beyond the anti-life requirements (yes, they are REQUIRED), is the racial prejudice.  The one which Charlie Sykes railed about:  the prejudice of Low Expectations.

...Beginning in the 1970s, British economist Peter Bauer characterized the attitude that aid is indispensable to development as condescending; he objected to the very term “aid,” which conjures up straightforward benevolence that only a curmudgeon would question. In practice, however, use of the term politicizes the economic sphere and stifles the creative human energies that are so crucial to development. From Bauer came the memorable judgment that aid fundamentally amounts to “an excellent method for transferring money from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries.”...

That's what we call "welfare" here in the USA:  give away money so that irresponsible behavior is rewarded.

The President--if he takes this on--will have demolished the most pernicious monster that the US has ever created, for it does very little good and in fact, is horribly harmful.  I think it's exactly the sort of thing that Trump targets because he knows what's behind that 'benevolent' curtain.

Go for it!!

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