Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Noose Is Tighter, Messrs Comey & Mueller

It's going to come down before the end of summer.  And Sessions will not only be vindicated, but feted, by PDT.

Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa, the laconic Midwesterner with a steel trap mind, dropped a bombshell yesterday with a letter (the full letter appears below – pdf here) to Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein (who supervises the Mueller probe) and FBI director Christopher Wray.  But in keeping with Grassley's style, which has so often misled his opponents into overconfidence, you have to read between the lines to see where he is heading.  The end point: uncovering the plot to frame General Flynn for lying to the FBI, including likely criminal acts by senior members of the FBI....

I hate Grassley because he Corn-A-Holes us.  But I love him when he does this!!

...The killer bombshell is the final paragraph, in which Grassley at long last reveals the name of the other FBI agent present when Peter Strzok interviewed General Flynn about his conversation with Russian ambassador Kislyak and requests an interview with him by committee staff members...

Why is that a big deal?  Because Grassley (and the whole USA) will then learn that Strzok's and Pientka's 302's were substantially different OR that someone had.......ahhh........"modified" them.

As "StealthJeff" comments:

After that, when the public has digested them, the indictments are unsealed.

By the way, Jeff Sessions is NOT just another lump of flesh.  Remember, he has a CRIMINAL investigation of a lot of FBI and DOJ people going on.

But you don't get leaks on that, do you?  Sessions would rather take the bullshit from people like Levin and Hannity (ignorant twerps and click-whores) than blabber about who else is going to Club Fed when he's finished with them.

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Omg do I hope you are right!