Saturday, May 12, 2018

Agenda MIA From Walker Campaign? Nope!

UPDATED 1043 with info provided by Wiggy's World.  Update material will be boldface.

Rather revealing statement from the WI GOP chair relayed in WisPolitics.

...In previewing next weekend’s GOP state convention in Milwaukee, Courtney laid out an overview of his speech to delegates that hits on many of Walker’s favorite talking points: a record-low unemployment rate compared to 9.4 percent in March 2009; a drop in property tax bills after a string of increases under Doyle; and a tuition freeze at the UW System after rates climbed under the Dem’s watch.

“We just have to remind people how far we’ve come, and I’ll just bring it up how things were pretty bad,” Courtney told in a new interview....

Seems that the Democrats don't like comparisons to Diamond Jim Doyle (for good reason; he is a jackwad who completely disgraced the legacy of his father.)

But there's another thing:  Courtney does not mention a Pubbie agenda.  Maybe that's reserved for Walker to announce; we'll see shortly.

OK.  Here's the agenda, which appears to be from Walker's upcoming speech:

...We want Wisconsin to be one of the best states in America for millennials AND for retirees. 

 ...We want our high school graduation rate to be one of the best in the nation with our students truly ready for college and career. And with unemployment levels at historic lows, we want Wisconsin to have one of the highest percentages of people in the workforce of any state in the nation.

...We want Wisconsin to have some of the best healthcare systems in the country for quality. Along with that, we want to have one of the greatest reductions in opioid and illegal drug addiction of any state. 

...We want Wisconsin’s working families to be able to keep more of their take-home pay.  To do that, we want to have one of the largest reductions in the tax burden for working families of any state in the nation. ...

OK, then! 

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