Saturday, May 26, 2018

Trump Following Walker's Lead, Gingerly

We are told that PDT is adjusting a few knobs with the unionized Federal "work"force.

The first executive order aims to strengthen accountability for federal employees and makes it easier to fire poor performers in the federal government.
The second executive order creates a federal labor relations working group to analyze union contracts with the federal government. It also makes it harder to pay federal unions to appeal firings and to lobby Congress.
The third executive order, focused on federal unions, is aimed at reducing waste and expenditures and requires federal employees to spend at least 75 percent of their time working on the job they were hired to do, as opposed to working on federal union work. It will also allow the federal government to start charging unions for office space in federal buildings.
--quoted at Grim's Place

Trump has a LONG way to go to catch up with Act 10's provisions, but his toe is in the water.  You can expect the backlash, of course.  

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