Saturday, May 12, 2018

Is McConnell's End Near?

McConnell has been sailing along as "leader" in the Senate for quite some time, but he may be hearing the train coming....

...Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), wishing to place another establishment Republican in the U.S. Senate as a potential ally in the next session of Congress, backed the very establishment Jenkins, and unwisely focused the fire of his affiliated PAC, the Senate Leadership Fund, on the pro-Trump Morrisey.

That move revealed McConnell is more motivated by a desire to maintain his own political power in the Senate than he is to support the Trump agenda....

Yah, well, Jenkins lost.  Morrisey won.  Whoops!

McConnell is despised by a group of Republican Senators who are NOT 'Establishment' types--but who are also NOT necessarily Trumpkins.  They are the group which was elected in the Tea Party years--the ones who saw and smelled the rot in Washington and were determined to fix it.  See, for example, the call to WORK!!! from 16 reformists--issued because McConnell is doing his damndest to frustrate any reform--not just Trump's agenda.

Now he has this little Communist China problem and the eternal enmity of the Trump Revolutionaries to worry about.

Maybe he should take his money and retire to Peking, eh?

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