Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Confirming the Commie to CIA

It's not often that a Communist voter is confirmed as the Director of the United States of America's Central Intelligence Agency.

In fact, it's only once (that we know of).  And we do NOT know that John Brennan disavowed the Communist Party, of course.  We only know what he says, and he is a serial perjurer.

But which Republican Senators voted to confirm this maybe-former Commie?  Hmmmm?

Well, there's Marco Rubio, and John McCain, and the semi-Commie Corker not to mention the complete jackwad Alexander and the semi-male Graham.  Then there are the perennial--and VERY aged--Murkowski the seat-thief, and Collins.

And bringing up the ass:  Flake.

Nothing changed in the last 5 years, eh?

Now let me ask a question:  why do we owe any of these people "respect"? 

Simply because they got elected more than once?  Really??

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