Wednesday, May 23, 2018

DOJ/CIA/NSA/FBI: Our Daddies!!

It's nice to have someone "protecting" you, no??

...For the last several weeks, the few members of the press bothering to report on the Obama administration's targeting of the Trump campaign have questioned the FBI's contention that it first launched its investigation into the Trump campaign in late July 2016. 

The Washington Post gives cover to the revelation that the sting began earlier: "The FBI commonly uses sources and informants to gather evidence and its regulations allow for use of informants even before a formal investigation has been opened. In many law enforcement investigations, the use of sources and informants precedes more invasive techniques such as electronic surveillance."...quoted at AOSHQ

Sure.  Happens all the time in political campaigns.  This is exactly what they did in the Obama and Clinton campaigns, and in the Romney and McCain campaigns, too, ain'a?   Oh--wait, you mean they didn't?

See, CIA/FBI/NSA/DOJ (et al) are protecting the campaigns AND PROTECTING YOU--you stupid jerks--from the Russians!!  Russians!!!  Russians!!!!!!!

Be grateful, swine, and kowtow to the Altar of FBI and CIA and NSA

The rotten smell coming from FBI/CIA/DOJ is also coming from the Oval Office occupant, the Communist/Fascist dictator Obama. 

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