Friday, May 11, 2018

FBI Re-habs Its Rep With False Figures?

Yes, well, the FBI looks pretty shabby these days.  From power-mad corrupt perjuring and lying  leadership down to incompetent field office jackwads in Florida, things aren't all that great for the FBI.

So they'll run a reputation rehab project and tell us all about their computer security efforts.

...Wisconsin is one of the biggest targets in the country for global spies who are stealing information, costing companies money and jobs.

Byron Franz, a special agent in the FBI's Milwaukee division, works daily to keep Wisconsin businesses safe from spies....

OK, that is nice.

...."Wisconsin is definitely known to the people who want to steal technology because Wisconsin makes the things that makes the engine of the United States go," Franz said.

But one example is energies technologies company, AMSC, which shut down its Middleton plant after a Chinese company stole software. More than 700 people lost their jobs....

Hmmm.  That's a very, very, large number for a Middleton outfit.  So we looked it  up.

AMSC...will close its Middleton plant by Dec. 31 and transfer those operations to its headquarters in Devens, Mass....

The closing is part of a series of “strategic operational initiatives” AMSC announced on Wednesday....

Well, "strategic operational initiatives" could mean that they discovered ChiCom tech-theft; that's not something you want to advertise because you really look STUPID when that happens.

...AMSC said it will cut its total staff between 5 percent and 10 percent, or up to 120 employees, spokeswoman Kerry Farrell said, among its Middleton, Massachusetts and Chinese sites.

AMSC also has operations in New Berlin, which will not be affected. As of 2011 — the most recent figures available — the company said it had more than 100 employees in Wisconsin but did not break down the numbers between Middleton and New Berlin....

Lemmeesee heah, Joe-Bob.  FEEB guy says "700", company says "120."

Maybe we missed around 600 people somewhere?

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