Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Prosecutor Leaks WRONG INFO

Given the shitballs working for Mueller and the Manhattan Fed Prosecutor, this is interesting.

Not only did someone leak a boatload of info to the stripper's lawyer and the Slimes, it was also erroneous information

....various news outlets, including The New York Times, also appear to have viewed the documents. The Treasury Department’s office of the inspector general opened an investigation into whether someone leaked Cohen’s financial documents to Avenatti and the press, it was reported on Wednesday.

It remains a mystery how the financial records of a completely separate Michael Cohen would have ended up in the tranche of documents provided to Avenatti [the stripper's lawyer].

It's not a "mystery" at all.  This is how shitballs do business. 

Guess who will pay for the damages awarded, suckers.

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