Saturday, May 19, 2018

The BEST Times Are Coming (?)

Here's a guy who is decidedly optimistic.

...Recall Trump’s initial tweets about his “wires being tapped”.  At this point, does anyone think Trump didn’t know 95%+ what the Obama Justice department did to them when he tweeted that?  If so, I have this perpetual motion machine I want to sell you. Cheap.

One by one all these bad apples have been exposed, demoted, fired, outed, and reported on by real journalists named Sara and John.   Does anyone really think that Trump hasn’t had a hand in that?  Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Yates, the whole lot of them.  Gone.   And/or, busted.   Their eruptive act hasn’t stopped him.  They are losing.

The IG report is the next big explosion.  It’s quite clear the Mueller appointment is not what the left hoped.  He’s either a smokescreen for something else, or another opponent Trump has destroyed.  Mueller’s position has unraveled before the eyes of the public.  Even without the leftist media reporting on these horrifying bureaucratic shenanigans, the American public, well over half believe Obama wrongfully spied on Trump. 
The enemedia loves Mueller.  Their chips are all in.

And he has nothing.

Pathetic nothing....

That's not exactly true.  He and his little bunch of s*&^balls have a LOT of our money.  But moving along....

...I am surmising there are players who have turned to plea bargaining and have spilled the truth out.  I am thinking that all of them are going to start jumping ship like the rats they are, beginning with the IG report.  There’s going to be Hell to pay.  The public will hear the IG report. 
And that is only the beginning.  If you don’t think there is judgment on the horizon for Trump’s enemies, or that he’s really not doing anything to line the ducks up to take them down, you haven’t been watching.  Remember:  Melania’s surgery was scheduled for months, with no leaks.

Trump never reveals what he’s doing.  Witness Korea.  He has a plan for this lawbreaking.  Stop pretending he and Sessions are doing nothing.  It’s not only working.  It’s about to blow....

It occurs that we have not heard a word from or about Gen. Mike Walsh since he resigned after confirming to Trump that the spying was going on.  Further, it occurs that the railroading of Gen. Mike Flynn (also a former Intel chief) has been stalled--and that there has been no word from or about him, either.

Shall we speculate that the several dozen Good Guys in that mil-intel department have been taking names and with those names in hand PDT will begin kicking ass, along with Sessions and Sessions' Utah-based Fed prosecutor?

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