Monday, July 27, 2009

Talking Points Right From the Script

Gee. Somebody sent a script.

In Racine, the plant who graced the ObamaMessiah appearance in Green Bay showed up at a sparsely-attended rally (see the picture in the post) and thundered out a schlurp of rhetoric.

Garin's line, "Health care is a human right," drew applause from the crowd and a shout of, "I am not a statistic." She described the fight for health care reform as the "civil rights movement" of our time."It's the fight of our lives because our lives depend on it," Garin said

Hmmmm.. Good line, (unless you are a pre-born human, of course).

Meantime, in Milwaukee:

"This is about figuring out how to pay for a right in this country, a right to life," Patricia McManus, president and CEO of Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin told the crowd.

Just co-incidence, of course.

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