Monday, July 27, 2009

One Way or the Other, You'll Pay for CO2


A key Sierra Club attorney says the group’s support for final passage of a climate bill is conditioned on the preservation of EPA’s authority under the Clean Air Act [CAA] to require reductions in greenhouse gases (GHGs) from existing facilities, an assertion that appears to be a reversal from the group’s prior support for a House-passed cap-and-trade bill that would strip the agency of most of its air act authorities in dealing with GHG emissions. --GreenHell quoting Carbon Control News.

The CAA allows EPA to impose its will, whatever it may be that day, a dice-game with loaded dice for the Green Lobby.

In the game of chess, this is called a "fork." Assuming Sierra Club gets its way, whichever way it goes, you lose.

Unless you view massive increases in your utility-bill a "win."

It's also a signal that Cap-n-Tax is not going anywhere soon.

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