Friday, July 31, 2009

Propaganda Blast Coming from (D) Boyzzz

Here comes the spin, shuffle, shuck/jive, and BS.

In another sign that the White House will play a very hands-on role during the looming Congressional health care wars of August, senior Obama adviser David Axelrod is set to hold a private messaging session with House Dems tomorrow on the Hill, I’m told.

With a House Dem bill closer to reality, the battle will shift to a new phase: Selling it. And according to an email to House Dems that was sent over by a source, Axelrod and top White House health care adviser Nancy DeParle will be attending a breakfast with members to discuss “health care reform messaging.”

You can bet your jewels that the "messaging" will bury the abortion question as deep as possible.

You can also bet your jewels that there will be resistance to the Goebbels-gabbing.

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