Monday, July 20, 2009

Vilsack: Iowa Porker

Oh, yah.

So Vilsack's Ag Department bought a ham, e-i-e-i-yo.

The canned pork purchase was 8,424,000 pounds at a cost of $16,784,000, or approximately $1.99 per pound.

So at Pick'n'Save, you can buy 2lbs of sliced, PACKAGED ham for $2.50/lb.

Two-pound package, already sliced.

Drudge reports that canned ham at Red Lion is about $0.79/lb.

I don't think Mrs. Vilsack lets her Iowa hamboy go shopping...

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Al said...

Now you have a better idea of what we suffered from for 8 yrs here in Iowa. & Culver is following in his footsteps.