Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Favre: The Right Decison

Favre's retiring.

The guy is a world-class warrior and competitor, will be a Hall of Famer first ballot.

Frankly, I didn't care if he went to Minnesota or not--except I like him too much to watch him get hit, hard, by a MLB and get carried off with a permanent injury.

Good decision. See you in Canton!


Shoebox said...

I have a tremendous respect for Favre's playing career. However, I have no respect for his actions since his original retirement announcement. He always seemed to be the consumate team player. What I've seen of him in the last couple of years is a huge need to stroke his ego by playing games with the press and the public over whether he will play again.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

I give it two to three weeks. When the Minnesota training camp is almost over(which is what Favre hates most - training camp), the itch will come back, he will unretire, collect $10M for the next season played, stick it to Ted Thompson and then retire. I'd bet a C note on it.