Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kagen: A Threat to Wisconsin

Kagen openly joins with Obey, Moore, Kind, and Baldwin to:

1) Force taxpayers to fund abortions;
2) Force taxpayers to cover illegal aliens' health policies;
3) Destroy the existing health-insurance system in 5 years or less;
4) Create a horrendous deficit problem above and beyond the current ObamaNomics atrocity;
5) Create and impose a "Die now!!" regimen of "treatment" for the sick and/or disabled;
6) Impose Congressional "standards" on health-insurance offerings; and
7) Chase current and future medical practitioners from the field.

Not a bad days' work, if you are an enemy of the United States.

For critics and doubters of the House health-care reform proposal, U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen, D-Appleton, has a fundamental question: Whose side are you on?

As for supporters of the bill, Kagen said, "We're on the side of the American people."

Frankly, Kagen, you're full of shit and thinking Wisconsinites utterly reject your insulting and demeaning characterization of opponents. In plain English, Kagen, F*&^ you.

The House bill would provide health-care coverage for an additional 233,000 Wisconsinites in 2013 and 375,000 in 2019, according to a report released by Families USA, a nonprofit health-care advocacy organization. Currently, about 8.5 percent of Wisconsinites lack health insurance.

We note that 'Wisconsinites lacking insurance' is a very inclusive description.


Headless Blogger said...

July 2008 WI Population
times 8.5%
equals ~480,000

Who are the other 128,000 that will be enrolled in Obama's HMO per Families USSA?

Dad29 said...

They are voters registered by ACORN in Milwaukee, Racine, Rock, and Dane Counties.

Silly question.

Marc Savard said...

I agree Dad29, and that is why I am running and why he will be defeated in 18 months.