Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ObamaCare: Blue Puppies Happy, State Socialism In

The Blue Puppies were given a chew-toy--$100Bn off the initial price tag of $1Trillion--and went to their blankets to chew.

What's left?

It would still mean a massive expansion of Medicaid, providing subsidies for people to purchase government-designed insurance policies on a government-run exchange, creating a new government-run health care program that would put the nation on a pathway to single-payer, mandates on individuals to purchase insurance or pay a tax, and a tax hike on employers that did not provide health care to their workers. And it's not clear how many of the compromises will be adopted by the full House once this bill is reconciled by the two other committees.

State Socialism will crawl, rather than leap, into 1/6th of the economy.'

HT: AmSpecBlog

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