Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ryan's Right: And You Will NOT "Get to Keep Your Plan"

Paul Ryan (R-Common Sense) had predicted that the overall strategy was to implement ObamaCare, but the tactics may have to mask the result. In other words, they'll do it by any means necessary including lying, cheating, and obfuscating.

Gosh, that's a surprise! Politicians acting just like politicians!

His outline was this: if the Socialized Medicine crowd fails to achieve "public option" (complete Federal command-and-control) they will:

1) Try for "cooperatives", another name for the 'public option', with the same long-term results; and if that fails, then

2) Federally legislate the terms/conditions of ALL health coverage. This will allow insurance companies to exist, but make them into de facto Federal agents.

Sure enough, a big chunk of #2 is in the House plan:

And self-insured health insurance plans also will have to meet any minimum benefit coverage requirements prescribed in the law.

"Self-funded" plans are generally used by companies who wish to avoid State mandated-coverage laws (e.g., chiropractics coverage, or autism, etc.) They comprise a significant part of the existing health-insurance landscape.


Anonymous said...

You can have (almost) any health insurance you want, as long as it's Government Black.

Anonymous said...

We were pondering at work today what would happen to the "Self-Funded" group - as that is how we are covered.

Let your Congresscritter know that if he/she votes for this (or any minorly tweaked version of this) bill you will make it your mission next year to campaign for their opponent.