Friday, July 24, 2009

Too Bad Ripley's Dead

McMahon posts this, so it must be true.

Even though it is absolutely incredible.

...GM's decision to launch its new fragrance line in honor of Cadillac's 100th anniversary may go down as one of the most absurd moves by a troubled corporation ever. No doubt they kept a team of highly paid MBAs busy for months with the project, while the car end of their business was imploding faster than a black hole.

Is this what we get for our money — the $51 billion we taxpayers have ponied up to bail GM out of its self-inflicted woes?

"Cadillac, the new fragrance for men," doesn't seem like much to start the "New" General Motors Corp. on.

First off, this is pure sissy stuff.

A real MAN's fragrance would have been called 'Corvette', or 'GTO', or 'Chevelle 427 SS'.

Or maybe just a dab of gear-lube smeared across the back of one's hands. Or maybe some of that dust/dirt/grease/lube combination that accumulates on the oilpan, or the pumpkin--under the fingernails, of course.

Goes to show you why the MBA doesn't really get too much respect.

Unanswered question: which GM sissy-bozo-exec actually dreamed this up?

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The Badgerland Conservative said...

You mean Government Motors? You know who the real CEO is now, don't you?