Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Time for a Republican HealthCare Counteroffensive

ObamaCare is not dead--it is temporarily recovering from serious wounds. For the next 40 days or so, Congresscritters will roam the home landscapes, looking for input from The Homies.

OK, let's give it to them.

Paul Ryan, Tom Coburn, (MD.), Richard Burr, and Ray Nunes have introduced a bill which is a sensible alternative.

Among other things, the bill includes "universal coverage" through State-administered health-insurance exchanges with the possibility of automatic enrollment, but does not REQUIRE enrollment; limits pre-existing condition refusals and provides for high-risk "pool" options; allows Medicaid/SCHIP members to enroll in "exchange" programs; does NOT allow illegal-alien enrollment; and provides favorable tax treatment for policyholders.

In brief:

The Patients’ Choice Act of 2009,” transforms health care in America by strengthening the relationship between the patient and the doctor; using choice and competition rather than rationing and restrictions to contain costs; and ensuring universal, affordable health care for all Americans. “The Patients’ Choice Act” promotes innovative, State-based solutions, along with fundamental reforms in the tax code, to give every American, regardless of employment status, age, or health condition, the ability and the resources to purchase health insurance. The comprehensive legislation includes concrete prevention and transparency initiatives, long overdue reforms to Medicare and Medicaid, investments in wellness programs and health IT, and more.

The (R) offering may or may not be perfect; it's entirely possible that some non-odious elements of the (D) offering could be blended into the (R) plan.

But until that (R) plan becomes highly visible, clearly and simply explained, and understood by the public, it will not be discussed.

Get it out there!!


Billiam said...

As long as 'queen' Nancy is at the helm, it won't fly. Even if it is allowed to be put forth, the Dems will add so many amendments, something they don't let the minority party do, that you'll wind up with Obama care anyway. Too cynical?

Dad29 said...

It's no longer QueenNancy's ball, or she would have forced it through.

And I do not expect the Ryan plan to get through intact.

But the (R) boyzzzz absolutely MUST get together on his bill and shout. Scream. Holler!! until it becomes part of the debate.