Monday, July 27, 2009

Waxman to Spend More, Bribe Blue Dogs?

If the "blue dogs" are fiscally conservative, then are they going to accept MORE spending?

The chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee said on Friday he would take a proposal to a group of fiscally conservative Democrats that he considered to be a "significant breakthrough" on regional disparities in the funding of a proposed new public healthcare plan.

You know about that--it's what Ron Kind was bragging about over the weekend.

Some conservatives say that because there are already regions of the United States that are underpaid by the government's existing Medicare health care plan for the elderly, a new public health plan for everyone would be plagued by similar regional disparities.

So Waxman is offering to spend MORE Medicare money in certain areas of the country to obtain the votes of 'fiscal conservatives.'

Something's missing here.

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Shoebox said...

Makes you nostalgic for those horrible Bush deficits!