Thursday, July 23, 2009

Planet Moron Does Presser

Yes, all the rest of it is this funny.

Chip Reid, CBS News: Mr. President, there is growing concern that your health care proposals simply cost too much. How do you respond?

Obama: Let me answer your question this way. Just this morning, I received a commitment from CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens, to offer the American people double coupons on alternate Wednesdays. That means, if you have a fifty-cents-off coupon for a 100-count bottle of Advil, you get $1.00 off. That’s double. And if you like the caplets you’re currently using, you can keep using them. No one will force you to get the liquigels if you don’t want them. Jake?

Jake Tappper, ABC News: Mr. President, critics of your approach to health care reform note that it does not make health care more affordable or improve care. How do you answer them?

Obama: Let me tell you what my health care plan does do. It provides for pathways. Miles and miles of pathways. You can bicycle, you can walk, you can rollerblade, you can run. That’s the kind of health care plan the American people want, and that’s the kind of health care plan they can expect from me as President of the United States. Chuck?

By the way, Moron has another excellent B. Hussein ObamaTalk analysis here.

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