Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Screwing Small Business Into ObamaCare

As Congressman Ryan indicated, the (D) folks are simply going to jam ObamaCare down your throat, no matter the lies, obfuscation, or chicanery required to do it.

As a public service, the Examiner is going through the details.

Today's feature of Health Care Reform is the mandate on employers to provide insurance for employees. ...The House Democrats' bill (text here) requires all employers with annual payroll greater than $250,000 (all but the tiniest businesses) either to pay a new and addition payroll tax, or else to provide health insurance for their employees. [Details follow in the linked story.]

Yah--we noticed that, too. And we came to the same conclusion:

Businesses with smaller profit margins might not survive this mandate. In many cases, especially for a firm whose employees have families and children, the employer is likely to opt for the payroll tax.

In other words, you WILL be tossed into the Gummint Plan. And if there is no "gummint plan" in place when this bill passes, there WILL be a Gummint Plan, because the "Party of Compassion" will see the need, and fill it. Sure, it's dirty pool or worse. Frankly, my dear, they don't give a damn.

The bill also makes certain that small businesses will eventually disappear (a sop to union and big-biz interests):

Small businesses cannot, in most cases, simply eat such expenses since they have such small margins. In order to counterbalance this new cost, many businesses will naturally want to turn to reducing employee wages. The House Democrats' bill, however, does not allow for this, even if the employees consent to such a reduction.

Of course, small-biz could also raise their prices, making them un-competitive, (a sop to union and big-biz interests.)

Get the picture?


Jay Bullock said...

Wait. On the one hand, you're saying that many small businesses right now can't afford to provide coverage to their employees and would be socked by a mandate to do so, but on the other hand, you're claiming that a bunch of new people will be forced into "the Gummint plan" because small businesses won't provide coverage.

You can't have it both ways!

Look, either a business can afford to provide coverage and does or its employees are already on their own to get insurance, and they might like some additional competition (i.e., the public option) in their plan.

This is not rocket science.

Dad29 said...

Not exactly, Jay, but nice selective thinking.

IF a business is now providing health insurance, the business gets to choose either continuing the HI payments OR significantly reducing that obligation by paying the 8% Fascist-care tax instead.

THUS, there will be 'new people' looking for insurance--precisely what Dear Leader wants.

OTOH, IF a business does NOT provide HI, it's a net no-change to the number of people looking for insurance BUT a net 8% NEW COST to the business.

The Sensible Plan (R) is to provide a refundable tax credit so people can buy their own HI--tailored precisely to their needs, not a Dear-Leader "designed" plan which by necessity will not be "tailored" in the least.

No, Jay, they will not want ObamaCare. And yes, the Fascist-Care Plan will BOTH throw new people into the market AND reduce small-biz profitability--thus payrolls.

Nice try.

Jay Bullock said...

So some business will have greatly reduced costs, and some will have slightly higher costs, and health care gets cheaper for everyone?

I'd take that system.

Dad29 said...

"Health care gets cheaper for everyone"


I can sell you an HI policy for $1/year, Jay, so long as I can steal the other ~$15K in actual cost from Other People's Money, or borrow it from Chinamen.

Have a cup of coffee so the "logic" part of your brain starts up, Jay.

Jay Bullock said...

Once again proving you don't know what you're talking about. Either you know what's in the plans or you don't--and that last comment shows that you don't.

Dad29 said...

NaziCare, in fact, BORROWS the money through deficit spending (about $1Trillion over 10 years).

And what is not BORROWED through deficit-spending is TAKEN from "the rich" in the form of tax manipulations.

Exactly what "plan" were YOU looking at, Jay?

Jay Bullock said...

Um, the House "tri-committee" bill. The same one you're talking about. The "public option" part of that plan is financed only by premiums.

Dad29 said...

So you believe that "only by premiums" means that the "Public Option" will not have Federal payroll, Federal start-up capital, and Federal cash transfusions when there is a shortfall?

How's your Easter Bunny?

You can look to Medicare/aid as an example of precisely how the Feds will "remedy" shortfalls: either throw more tax money at it, force the States to throw more tax money at it, OR reduce payments to providers.

Of course, there is the Sunshine And Rainbows approach, which you seem to believe.....

Jay Bullock said...

Hey, I'm just going with the language of the bill. I'm not the one inventing fantasy here.

Dad29 said...

The bill itself is fantasy, as was mentioned by CBO and many others.

So if the (D) party writes a bill rescinding the law of gravity, you'll tell me that it is NOT fantasy.