Friday, July 24, 2009

The Horror of Partial-Birth Abortion

P-Mac reminds us that Mengele was not the last of a breed.

Judge Casey had put the question to several doctors on the side of the plaintiffs challenging the law, including Kanwaljeet S. Anand, a professor who specialized in pediatrics and anesthesiology at the University of Arkansas: Had they ever thought of administering anesthesia to the child killed in this way? The judge was apparently taken back by the reaction: ‘Some of plaintiffs’ experts testified that fetal pain does not concern them, and that some do not convey to their patients that their fetuses may undergo severe pain.’

“Was this a medical judgment? Or was it the hard, sober fact that, for the doctors who had settled in long ago with the defense of abortion as a right, the child in the womb had simply ceased to matter? The pain did not register as a point of concern because the child — even the child dangling from the birth canal at the point of birth — just did not count any longer as an object of concern. And therefore, of course, as an object of empathy.”

Judge Casey, a fellow who has 'feelings,' followed precedent in allowing this to continue.

P-Mac has the appropriate question, of course.

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