Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I.G.-Gate, Part 29,765: Obama-Rahm-a-Jamma Politics

Obama-Rahm-a-Jamma politics, (no concrete shoes yet) in operation.

In a telephone interview today, Walpin said he noticed last week's report that Rep. Doris Matsui (D-Calif.) had contacted White House officials in March, publicly vowing that sanctions against Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson didn't prevent the city from getting its share of bailout cash.

Questions about what role Matsui may have played in Walpin's dismissal are being asked on Capitol Hill, and the ex-IG himself is curious about the Sacramento congresswoman's intervention, which drew attention after it was
highlighted by California blogger Eric Hogue.

We're shocked! Shocked!!!

On the larger question -- whether political pressure over his investigation of Mayor Johnson's St. HOPE Academy was a factor in the June 10 quit-or-be-fired ultimatum from the White House -- Walpin is certain.

"I have no doubt about that," Walpin said.

[Walpin] was startled to discover that the President of the United States had directly ordered him fired.

You're from the wrong town, Mr. Walpin. We don't call them "FIBs" for no reason up here.

Of course, the (D) majority in Congress has suspended its investigation. They have an excuse (aside from Obama-Rahm-a-Jamma tactics): Walpin sued, so .........ummmnnnhhhh.....yah, THAT'S it! Walpin sued!!

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