Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Modest Proposal

P-Mac has a modest proposal for the "ban meat" crowd.

I would suggest that if someone’s so convinced that meat is baking the earth, just quit eating it. Better yet, quit eating entirely and really reduce your carbon footprint. It’s OK, after all, to suggest that you die off to be carbon friendly, now that an Australian TV network did just that to children, helping them reckon the age at which they’ve used up their fair share of the Earth.

Self-starvation by the meat-is-Earthmurder crowd would be a win-win: They’d have a much greater positive effect by dying off than just by going vegan, if only because they wouldn’t then reproduce (remember, that’s supposed to be irresponsibly carbon-hogging, too), and it would leave the rest of us to enjoy steaks in comparative peace.

Irrefutable logic, too!

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