Friday, July 24, 2009

Is Obama in the Quagmire?

That's what Dick Morris thinks, and the logic is pretty good. Just think "quagmire."

Superficially, the United States appears to have a presidential system, but in fact it more and more resembles a parliamentary form of government. When a president loses the approval of the majority of the voters and polls reflect that his ratings have fallen substantially below 50 percent, he loses his power. In this context, polls are like parliamentary votes of no confidence in European systems. While the government does not fall if it loses in the polling, it limps on until either its ratings improve or it is voted out of office at the next election. is the president's obvious inability to improve the economy that is exacting the daily toll in his approval ratings evident in all of the surveys. Like the body counts that mounted in Iraq and drove Bush's numbers ever downward, the rising unemployment numbers are stripping Obama of his popularity and power.

Obama's very activism in promoting the stimulus package in January as a cure-all has set him up for failure now that he cannot deliver on his overblown promises...

Morris could have cited LBJ's Vietnam, too. Same kinda thing.

As Limbaugh observed, Obama coulda pushed this through except for the FAIL of "stimulus," which (ironically) was designed to push the economy forward for the 2010 Congressionals. So Obama and Emanuel outfoxed themselves by giving QueenNancy and Harry their wish.

It's possible that the economy will recover, and "Porkulus" will work, in time for the 2010s. That means that the (D) folks will regain traction. And it's also possible that their inability to move anything besides "spend spend spend spend" will backfire. Horribly.

Meantime, nothing's going anywhere.


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