Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Doyle to Jump Into Merc Talks

Subsequent to ramming through the 'consolidated reporting' tax requirement (costing any Wisconsin-headquartered company a BUNCH of money,) our Governor intends to "help" the Merc Marine situation.

Oh, yah. That'll be interesting.

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle said he will be actively involved in negotiations aimed at keeping Mercury Marine Inc. from closing its Fond du Lac facility, where about 1,900 people are employed.

“We all need to be focused on an outcome that continues to provide family-supporting jobs for hundreds of workers in Fond du Lac and that allows Mercury Marine to continue its market leadership from its headquarters in Wisconsin,” Doyle said in a statement. “I will continue to be engaged and, as appropriate, directly involved as these negotiations continue to occur.”

So what's up?

Doyle said the state has offered “an aggressive package to help Mercury Marine maintain its market leadership and operate efficiently.”

If that "aggressive package" included rescinding the consolidated income thing for ALL Wisconsin-headquartered entities, it might save a few jobs beyond those of the IAM in Fondy.


Neo-Con Tastic said...

Will this aggressive package be similar to the one they offered to GM in return for re-opening the Janesville plant?

If so, say goodbye to Mercury Marine:

Wisconsin offer to GM totaled approximately $200 million.

Michigan offer to GM totaled approximately $1 billion.


Anonymous said...

Jim knows his scorched-earth policies are killing WI businesses, but he doesn't care, as long as nobody else figures that out. So of course, he's going to try to bribe Mercury to stay, but will it work? If it does, how long will it work?

All he wants is to try to polish his image before 2010. And he hopes we will forget what he did to out state. We don't want to give hin another chance; go to www.recalldoyle.com

Andy K. said...

Auntie em:
Recalling Doyle now is the dumbest thing possible. Let him live out his term, and then the GOP can run Scott Walker against him, and win.

To bring on a fight so soon, with Walker having relatively little cash, is retarded.