Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sykes, Savage, and the "Birthers"

Started and ended the day listening to "Birther" stuff.

Charlie thinks that the recent cloudburst of press coverage of the Birthers is designed by Rahm-A-Jamma and Axle-Your-Rod to discredit the birthers as slackjawed neanderthal bible-clingers.

Yah, well. They may be all that, but don't forget they're armed, too, Rahmmie.

Later, Savage offered an insight which is very solid.

In his opinion, it's not really about whether Obama is a citizen, although that's what is on the table. He thinks that it's really a matter of serious discomfort with Obama's foreign and domestic policies. The Apology Tour. The Honduras Commie-Kissing. The "negotiate" with Taliban. The dumping of Israel. The complete jackass "Science Adviser." The Abortion-is-my-sacrament mentality. And the racist SCOTUS nominee.

And of course, the Statist domestic program, the Commie mentors, the Alinsky playbook....

The way Savage frames it, it's all about patriotism, or lack thereof.

And that makes sense.

UPDATE: When even the National Review Online can't get the facts straight, one wonders:

The Editors at National Review are flat out wrong. Demonstrably, provably, and verifiably wrong. Like so many other Obama defenders, NRO is confusing the CERTIFICATION of live birth that Obama has produced with the original CERTIFICATE of live birth. One is a green computerized record, the other is the document that records the doctor's or midwife's name, his signature, the hospital, and so forth. The salient point is that Obama has refused to produce the latter

Oh, well.


Andrew K said...

So much for "openness" and "transparency."

Billiam said...

I guess what interests me about the whole issue, is why does Obama spend so much money fighting this in court if there's not a problem? I've read a lot of Farah's stuff. He's asking for the long form Birth Cert that lists the physician and the hospital. I think he's also after some of Obama's college records that remain secret. Funny the press couldn't manage the same defense of Bush, as well as outrage at all those who went after him, no? Anyway, that's why I find it interesting.