Thursday, July 23, 2009

DearLeader Obama's Lies...

The Spectator's Phil Klein did the homework.

1) Obama said his cumulative deficit is “$2.2 trillion less than it would have been,” but the CBO says the deficit is actually $4.9 trillion more than it otherwise would have been.

2) While it’s true that Americans pay more than any other country, the actual health care costs per person in the U.S. were about $6,000 in 2007, according to a CBO report. So for Obama’s claim to be true -- that is, that other countries are spending $6,000 less, on average -- you’d have to believe that it costs every other advanced country zero dollars to provide all of their citizens with health care.

3) Obamasez: So, for example, in the HELP committee in the Senate, 160 Republican amendments were adopted into that bill

The actuality: The 160 refers to what we call technicals - these are amendments drafted to either correct technical errors in the bill language - and that can be anything from an amendment which cites the wrong section and paragraph of existing law (ex: Section 302 when we meant section 304) to errors in punctuation or transposed words.

Moreover, the vast majority of these were so non-controversial that the majority didn't even demand a vote - they were simply adopted by unanimous consent

As to MEANINGFUL (R) amendments, not so much:

...only 45 GOP amendments, which we consider to have made substantive changes or improvements, were allowed a vote. 2 of those were agreed to.

Obama-Defined "Bipartisanship": "The Republicans may correct the grammar but they may not change the sentence."

And, of course, Dear Leader also accused MD's of being greedy pigs:

At one point, Obama made the insulting suggestion that when children go to doctors with sore throats, doctors consult payment charts, and unneccesarily remove kids' tonsils just to earn extra money. Aside from being a cynical remark, it isn't smart politically, as polling shows that Americans trust doctors far more than politicians when it comes to health care.

Yah, Dave Obey and QueenNancy are sooooooooooooo much better at medical treatment decisions......

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Amy said...

polling shows that Americans trust doctors far more than politicians when it comes to health care.

Duh. Who has the medical degree again?

Ones taken from boxes of Cracker Jack don't count.