Thursday, July 23, 2009

Doyle Hit With Lawsuit Over "Domestic Partners"

It was only a matter of time.

Today, WFA, through 3 of its board honored to tell you that...[t]his morning, through the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) and Wisconsin ADF-allied attorneys Richard Esenberg and Michael Dean who is with First Freedoms Foundation, we filed an original action petition with the Wisconsin Supreme Court in defense of the constitution, the institution of marriage, and the expressed will of the people.

...The petition we filed, Appling v. Doyle, asks the court to accept the case as an original action (which means it goes directly to the Supreme Court, skipping the trial and appellate courts), to declare the statewide same-sex domestic partnership registry unconstitutional and to issue a permanent injunction against the registry, which would prohibit its implementation by all 72 county clerks.



Headless Blogger said...

I'm curious, if the WI Supremes toss this legislation as being unconstitutional, does the rest of the bill that included it get tossed too?

i.e., Does the entire state budget become invalid?

Dad29 said...

We can hope!

But I don't think the budget is a "red-pencil" document.

Anonymous said...

No worries. It is not unconstitutional.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. WFA says that the state government is being sneaky. So, they respond by trying to be sneaky in eradicating the registry. Whatever.

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