Thursday, January 05, 2006

Olsen: DON'T VOTE, Luther

Luther Olsen is a "moderate" Republican (RINO) from a district near Berlin/Ripon area. He holds a place in the State Senate, but no one really knows which way he will vote on matters of conservative principle.

As Belling mentioned yesterday, Luther's brother Paul happens to be VERY interested in the success of the Corn-a-Hole legislation which would require all Wisconsin residents to stuff recycled corncobs up their gas tanks.

Briefly put, Luther's brother will become very wealthy if the proposal becomes law.

Not that he's the only one. There are plenty of people who profit when legislators force others to use them: BagManJimbo has forced schoolchildren into the tender mercies of WEAC; Convicted Chuckie Chvala legislated greater profits for SBC (meaning higher costs for others, somewhere;) and Tommy Thompson forced the 4-county area to build a new playpen for the Seligs.

There are plenty more examples of prostitution available.

But Senator Olsen should exercise a small measure of prudence and abstain from Corn-a-Hole-ing Wisconsin residents. After all, Luther, turnabout is fair play.


Anonymous said...

Who in the world is "BagManJimbo"?
That's quite a name.

Dad29 said...

The current Governor of the State of Wisconsin, James E Doyle.

His old man was a Federal Judge--my father knew (Sr.) well.

Trust me, if BagManJim's daddy saw what his kid is doing today, the old man would likely shoot the kid dead in the street.