Wednesday, November 09, 2005

We Stole It--And We'll KEEP It

Waukesha County's Gargantuan Board (30+ members and counting) decided to increase the tax levy for next year. That's not a real surprise; their mentality is demonstrated by the following vignette:

A brief skirmish Tuesday focused on $45,000 in savings achieved from lower-than-expected employee health insurance costs in the Sheriff's Department. While some supervisors wanted to shift the money to educational programs for County Jail inmates, some argued it should be used to lower the tax increase.

"It's time that we give that money back to the people who put it in there in the first place," Supervisor Andrew Kallin of Waukesha said.

Others advocated for the jail education effort, saying that helping inmates improve their reading and writing skills would heighten their chances of becoming productive members of society.

The funding for the jail program was approved by a 21-12 vote.

It's simple. We overtax. When we find out we over-taxed, we KEEP the money. Whaddya going to do about it? Come here and throw teabags?


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to cooperation between branches of government? No cooperation amongst "conservatives" (if you can call Vrakas a conservative after Finley's pay raise) will simply mean more spending.

No cooperation between conservatives and liberals will simply mean more spending.

Vrakas could have offered to cut his staff budget by x% in return for a tax freeze. He did not bother. He will just use his veto pen to claim holiness and know full well the county board will override. Right out of Scot Walker's playbook.

Dad29 said...

You're demented if you think that the Board would freeze taxes for an "x%" cut in the Exec budget.

Please stay on point. The Board took money they did NOT need, and have refused to return it to those who PAID the money.

Not "cooperation." Fraud!