Monday, November 07, 2005

GOP Unity in Waukesha?

The JS reports that 'GOP Unity [May Be] Bruised' due to the recent Vrakas/Dwyer election in Waukesha County.


The City of Brookfield's ex-Mayorette, Kathryn Bloomberg, is quoted in the piece:

"Why you'd engage yourself in this race and stand the risk of confusing, if not alienating, certain long-term Republican die-hards is perplexing to me," she said. "I think there are people who are going to struggle with 'Where do I fit now?' "

She's "disappointed."

Ms. Bloomberg (and others) have discovered that there are Conservatives, and then there are Republicans. Having lived under Katy's reign for a number of years, I can tell you without a doubt: Katy's NO conservative. Katy's "Republican" label is the same one worn by Lee "The Walrus" Dreyfus: Pubbie on the outside, Leftist Tax/Spend Control Freak on the inside.


Anonymous said...

I think the poll numbers show that the general population is beginning to be turned off by the tactics of this "fringe" group that has infected the Republican party. Waukesha has yet to catch up with the national trend. Here is the supposedly conservative option in Waukesha -

CRG/WTL: Spend but do not tax
example: support Vrakas - first act appoint J. Finley chief of staff and give her a big pay raise.

In Milwaukee:

CRG/Walker: Spend, Borrow and ask the state or Uncle Sam to pick up the tab. Propose spending cuts that won't happen and claim you froze taxes. When you spend, someone has to pay.

As a conservative Republican, I prefer a lot more honesty than what we get from these right wing zealots leading the party.

Dad29 said...

Well, Anony, I'm not thrilled with the pay proposal for Jennifer, either--

As to Walker: he SHOULD propose spending cuts. The County Board's actions are their own, not Walker's.

And the "zealots" are merely reacting to the corruption and insider-dealings favored by the Keith & Muffy YachtClub "Pubbie" types--you know, the ones whose names do NOT end in a vowel...