Saturday, November 05, 2005

Journal-Sentinel Now a Running-Dog Lackey

If you read the JS "story" about BagManJimbo's illegal deal with the Potawatomis, you get the usual "I'm innocent" crap from BagMan. Interviewed by a swooning gang of groupies (editors and reporters for the JS), Doyle said that Marty Schreiber, has transition-manager and $800K/year Potawatomi lobbyist, had 'no influence' on the terms of the illegal deal.

Yeah, right, Jimbo.

But there's something far more important that the Groupies did NOT ask BagManJimbo.

As informed citizens actually know, the Lakeland Times printed a story which revealed that Schreiber's firm negotiated the illegal contract in 2003--which Doyle and Schreiber denied.

Let me make that clear: Doyle and Schreiber LIED about Schreiber's involvement in negotiating the ILLEGAL 2003 compact.

You won't find a single question from the Groupies about that little lie in the JS story.

Apparently Gorbasms also extend to BagManJimbo's Groupie Press Running Dog Lackeys.

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Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

You are very good with extensive nicknames, I'll definetly give you that...