Thursday, November 24, 2005

Search "UW + Audit" and Get More Stink

Seems that auditors just can't help but find smelly little items whenever they go hunting at a UW facility--and UW-Whitewater's Dean of Graduate Studies is next on the list.

In the lawsuit, which was filed in Dane County Circuit Court this month, Lee Jones, UW-Whitewater's dean of graduate studies and continuing education, argued that the harm that would be caused to the public's interest in diversity "substantially outweighs the public's interest in the release of the contents of the record."

His attorney, David Lasker, to whom Jones referred questions Wednesday, said the harm would spring from inaccurate information contained in the report.

At least the UW-W people understand that Jones' claim is crap:

But James Freer, UW-Whitewater's vice chancellor for academic affairs, said the findings were accurate and that they should be released.

He hinted that Jones may end up facing disciplinary action.

"The audit and the potential negative consequences shouldn't be mixed up with diversity efforts," Freer said Wednesday. "Everyone should be held equally accountable."

Apparently Mr. Jones has a few "large" skeletons in his office closet:

Jones, 40, joined UW-Whitewater last year after serving at Florida State University. The dean, who also is a tenured professor, earns $116,000 a year and oversees a $3.2 million operating budget.

Freer said the university launched an audit of him last spring after noting "some travel activity and procurement activity that raised questions."

So this Jones character spends a bunch of questionable dollars and when caught, claims that because he's a minority, revealing his problems will 'harm diversity efforts' at UW-W.


As usual, Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) is on the case.

Credit where it's due: OTHER UW-W administrators are mad as hell about Jones' wild spending and blew the whistle.

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