Sunday, November 06, 2005

Journal-Sentinel Death, Continued

The JS, continuing to dig itself further into the hole, has circled its wagons to defend the indefensibly racist and bigoted Infamous Editorial.

But prescinding from the JS' asinine remarks, there's another issue which is far more important, and which underlies a good deal of discussion on the Miers nomination, as well--that is, the ignorant and fatuous "thought" that a SCOTUS member should 'reflect [X, Y, or Z] political position.

Umnnnhhhh...wrong. A SCOTUS member is there to judge the validity of laws in light of the Constitution, NOT in light of some political view, or some "outcome."

Unfortunately, the GWB bunch reinforced the Stupid View of SCOTUS appointments by telling someone that 'Miers will "vote right" on Roe.' That's not what conservatives want. Conservatives want a Justice who will "vote right" on the Constitution. (In the Roe case, and for that matter in Griswold, the question perhaps should have been decided on State's rights, e.g.)

The JS has inadvertently created a straw-man and that straw-man is getting a lot of attention because it is offensive and fits the Left's template perfectly.

But it's not the real issue. The REAL issue is the Constitution. We note that the JS "defense" of their initial editorial doesn't address this at all.

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