Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sykes Smacks 'em Upside the Head

...and finds that there are loud echoes...

Unfortunately, there is a political pattern here: the useless pursuing the irrelevant. An extraordinary number of legislators seem to have somehow gotten the notion that they are all-purpose problem solvers, whose job it is to try and come up for solutions to problems that most of us either didn’t know existed or didn’t need help solving.

This describing the Legislative requirement of a Photo ID to buy a cold remedy.

But what Charlie did not say is that the Legislature is assaulted by NewsRoom Nerds on a nightly basis during Sweeps Months.

Channels 4 and 6 have been running "The Greatest Menace to [Women, Children, Men, Mankind]" (pick one) stories for a few nights now. INEVITABLY, when the reporter finishes describing that night's Greatest Menace, the anchor or the reporter immediately mentions the Legislature: "What can our Lawmakers DO about this apocalyptic scenario???"

What's an empty-headed Legislator to do? Certainly not a REAL job. Easier to report to the constituents that they have Saved the World...

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