Monday, November 28, 2005

Self-Defense: What Works

John Lott published an interesting table based on the National Crime Victimization Survey.

The bottom line:

Taking the examples of confrontational robbery and assault shows an interesting story. After the self-protection method was employed, the rate of sustaining injury or further injury was lower in every instance than was the rate of sustaining injury when no self-protection measure was employed at all. Note that aggravated assaults are much more common than robbery. Data covering a longer period of time makes an even stronger case for defensive gun use.

"No Self-Protection Action At All" resulted in an injury rate of 23.6% for robberies and 55.2% for aggravated assaults.

However, "Any Self-Protection With a Gun" resulted in 7.7% injury rate for robberies and 3.6% for assault. "Screaming" resulted in 22% and 12.6% injuries for robberies and assaults, respectively.

Ummmnnnnhhh--if it were MY wife or daughter, looks like a Lady S&W is in the Christmas stocking. Wonder what Steve Hargarten will do for his loved ones--or Spencer Black.

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