Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hot New Blog

Thanks to Charlie 'Godfadda' Sykes, I read a new blogsite.

This guy is a sharp-edged and very perceptive observer, arguably with more cynicism and downright orneriness than even I, your humble servant.

That's OK--reading him will lend to my skills.

Can't possibly agree with his anti-Gundrum rant, of course, but that simply means I will be classified as a "hater." Oh, well. Mark and I will be "haters" and that's that.

Regardless, "I AM THE FORCE" will be a daily read.


TPDN said...

Laetus sum
Laudari me abs te, pater, laudato viro

Dad29 said...

Thanks for your kind words, you who rejoice.

Best wishes!