Saturday, November 19, 2005

Diverse: Our Way or None!

From an email sent to the Bulldog Marquette Warrior, describing the scene at a table full of MU grads, all now (presumably) responsible adults who have established careers and Intellectual Credentials:

Many old canards about “religion” came tumbling out, even from people who consider themselves religious and even Catholic. Trying to interject a bit of reason unleashed a tirade about people who want to reinstate the Tridentine mass, something about kneeling being mandated, the return of the repressed rogation days, and something about a (no doubt crazy) professor who recently left his faculty post at Boston College to go to Ave Maria. Yipes!

This adds a lot to my old theory that the prevailing “Catholic” sentiment at MU is that Catholics should become really liberal Episcopalians.

It is an interesting picture, no? All that "Catholic" claptrap like kneeling, Latin, Rogation Days...

And this occurs within a larger discussion of "diversity" on campus.

There's no "diversity" like the "diversity" which meets the Left's precise specification...

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