Friday, November 11, 2005

Latest Definitive Rumor on Homosexual Ordination

Via De Civitate, we take you to the latest hot rumor on the Vatican's upcoming document regarding the Ordination of homosexuals:

"The Church cannot admit to the priesthood those who practice homosexuality, have deeply rooted homosexual tendencies or those who support the so-called 'gay culture,"' the newspaper quoted the document as saying.

...According to Il Giornale, the document will say that men who have had gay tendencies in what the document calls "part of a transitory problem" can be ordained deacons if they have "clearly overcome" the tendencies for at least three years

...The Church teaches that homosexuality is not a sin but that homosexual acts are, and it expects all priests, whether homosexual or heterosexual, to remain celibate.

Media reports in September, primarily in the United States, had said the document would bar all gay men from being ordained priests without exception.

Those initial reports, which have since been widely discounted, caused concerns in many quarters in the Church that many good men would be excluded by a total ban.

Here in the USA, of course, there is no such thing as a definitive Vatican document.


Scarlette said...

I have question...because I'm "such a question-asker" (a nun told me that once, not very nicely either)

How will they know if a man has "overcome the tendecy for at least three years"? Would they just be taking his word for it?
If that's the case, I don't think it's a very good idea.
I'm going shopping now. I'll look for your answer later.

Scarlette said...

Dear Dad,
I suppose answering questions isn't for everyone, some people just like to make statements and not bother with all follow-up questions; it is a big responsibility and a person would have to have a lot of information and knowledge to do it. I understand.
So,with that, I'm afraid you have been removed from the position of my "answer guy". No hard feelings, though.

hugs and kisses,

Dad29 said...

Regrets, Scar--had obligations (work, kid extracurriculars, choir rehearsal)--you know, just an ordinary Friday/Saturday...

Frankly, there will be two very different responses-in-practice to the Vatican directive. One group will simply screen out homosexuals rigorously and get honest answers about the "three-year" limit. Even if the candidate lies, there is a lot of time left to observe them; typically there's a pattern-of-practice involved.

The other group will ignore the whole thing entirely because they WANT more homosexual pals.

Kevin Whiteman said...

I wonder how they will react at the "Pink Palace” (St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore), “Notre Flame” (Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans), and the “Theological Closet” (Theological College at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC)?

This should be interesting