Friday, November 11, 2005

The Virginia (R) Loss Explained

Tony Snow, a perceptive analyst, has the Real Reason that Kilgore lost in the Virginia Governor's Race: he's a RINO and RINOs EVENTUALLY LOSE.

GOP majorities in Virginia's General Assembly have spent like wild since the go-go '90s, and woe be unto any conservative who dares call them on it. They react in rage when anyone suggests they stop fleecing taxpayers, who happen to form their political base.

...Republican officeholders made it impossible for Kilgore to run as a conservative, leaving him one option: warning about Kaine's liberalism. Kaine said, "Who, me?" and the issue evaporated. Soft Republican voters in the state's northern suburbs all went Democratic

Gee--does that sorta vaguely sound like the McCalllum race, where the Tax & Spend (on MY friends) Muffy and Ken Pubbies took it on the chops from one of the least-popular (and most blatantly purchasable) Democrats in Wisconsin?

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